• Hydrazone Corps Body Cream

    Moisturising Body Lotion. Comforts and combats dehydration

    As light as milk and as active as a cream. Hydrazone Corps delicately nourishes the skin thanks to the Argan Oil, and soothes even the driest of skin types.

    - Hydrates the skin with a velvet effect.

    - Softens the skin after a shower or a bath.

    Argan oil: It comes from the argan tree, also called "Tree of Life". Argan Oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids. Up to 80% of Argan oil contains essential unsaturated fatty acids. It is recognised for its extraordinary nourishing and regenerative properties.

    Massage gently into dry skin, once or twice a day after a shower or a bath.

    Texture : Milk Cream

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    The advice of the expert

    Use Nutrizone Lift for the driest body parts.

  • Mousse de Coton Shower Foam

    Creamy Foam "Luxury" Shower Mousse

    Gently cleanses delicate skin thanks to its soft and creamy foam.
    Mousse de Coton with Sacred Lotus and Cottonseed Oil neutralises the drying effects of hard water.

    - Soothes delicate skin.
    - Prevents dryness after showering and leaves skin velvety soft.

    Cottonseed oil, rich in provitamins and in precious fatty acids, it reinforces the skin's natural defences, regenerates and nourishes.

    Sacred lotus extract, has soothing properties. Relieves sensitive and delicate skin.

    Apply a small amount of Mousse de Coton to wet skin. Lather in circular movements. Use on the entire body and rinse thoroughly.

    Texture : Gel Cream

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    The advice of the expert

    Mousse de Coton shower foam is for use on the body and occasionally the hair.

  • Tropic Tonic Energising Shower Gel

    Energising Shower Gel

    First thing in the morning, Tropic Tonic awakens the senses with its invigorating orange colour and stimulating tropical fragrance.

    - Cleans the skin and hair.
    - Invigorates thanks to Mango extracts.

    Mango extracts: Rich in provitamin A, vitamins C, E and B, as well as in minerals. The mango extracts stimulate, invigorate and remineralise.

    - Use once to twice a day in the shower.
    - Apply to wet skin, lather over entire body, then rinse.

    Texture : Gel

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    The advice of the expert

    Complete shower by rinsing body with cold water, from top to bottom, to invigorate the tissues and stimulate blood circulation.

  • Gommage Facile Smoothing Body Scrub

    Exfoliating treatment with Loofa fibres

    In less than two minutes in the shower or bath, Gommage Facile leaves skin soft as silk.
    The Loofa fibres gently exfoliate rough patches and dead cells, to reveal brand new skin.

    - Exfoliates perfectly due to the Loofa fibres.
    - Easy and quick to rinse.
    - Softens the skin.

    Loofa: Loofa fibres are extremely resistant and have been used by women since ancient times to soften and deep cleanse the skin. They provide gentle exfoliation, for a pleasant and effective scrub.

    Use on wet skin; using a circular rubbing motion apply to the entire body, focusing on rough patches (elbows, knees, heels).

    Texture : Foaming gel with particles

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    The advice of the expert

    Use before hair removal to aid removal and before applying a self-tanning product, for an even tan.

  • Huile Satinée Body Oil

    The softness of silk on the skin

    This oil, softens and regenerates the body, takes care of skin, which is dry, dull, and undernourished.
    It nourishes the driest areas, from the elbows to the knees.

    - Makes skin satin smooth.
    - Comforts and nourishes.
    - Rejuvenates the skin's appearance.

    Natural silk extracts: Rich in essential fatty acids, they nourish and soften the skin leaving it velvety soft.

    Apply Huile Satinée to the entire body after a shower or bath, allowing it to penetrate the skin using very light strokes and focusing on the driest areas (elbows, knees).

    Texture : Ultra-fine dry oil

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    The advice of the expert

    In the shower use Mousse de Coton to neutralise the dehydrating effects of hard water.

  • Bien Vivre Body Mist

    Energising Body Mist

    Bien Vivre perfumes and energises the skin and acts as a real source of energy for the body. Just spray and it will invigorate the skin for a refreshed feeling all day long.

    - Provides energy and vitality thanks to Essential Oils.
    - Creates a long-lasting feeling of freshness due to its deodorant action.

    Trace elements and essential oils

    "The mineral active ingredient" (copper, zinc and magnesium) provides cells with ingredients required for vitality and energy. It thus stimulates metabolism and cell renewal.

    Essential orange, mandarin and lemon oils with properties, which stimulate and invigorate the body  providing well-being and serenity.

    Spray all-over after a shower or bath.

    Texture : Water

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    The advice of the expert

    Bien Vivre can be used at any time in the day to top up on freshness and vitality.

  • Nutrizone Corps

    Nourishing Body Cream

    This cream protects against dry skin and nourishes all types of skin, even the driest.

    - Provides the skin with suppleness and comfort;

    - Leaves skin silky and velvety.

    Omegas and vitamins: Nutrizone Corps combines grape seed and babassu palm seed Oils with Mango and Shea butter. It provides essential fatty acids to the skin and restores comfort. Skin is now supple and soft.

    Apply one to two times a day, allowing the gel cream to be absorbed through gentle massage, focusing on dryer areas.

    Texture : Cream

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    The advice of the expert

    Scrub the skin once to twice a week to eliminate dead cells and to facilitate the penetration of the Nutrizone Corps active ingredients.

  • Longue Vie Mains

    Revitalizing Cream to minimise the appearance of pigmentation spots

    Acts on cells for visibly younger-looking hands.

    - Provides comfort and soothes.

    - Vitamin B5 to strengthen nails.

    56 active cell ingredients:The 56 active cell ingredients make up the complex necessary for the regeneration of elastic tissue.

    Use morning and evening or several times during the day.

    Texture : cream

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    The advice of the expert

    Use with:

    - Gommage Facile for an exfoliating action.
    - Sérum Blancheur for a perfusion of cell-lightening active ingredients.
    - Large Ecran UV SPF 30 for optimal protection.
    - The Longue Vie range.
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