Aromatic Body Douceur

A 100% manual and 100% natural treatment
For soft skin and a relaxed body

To regain soft skin and a body which is velvety to the touch. 

In a little less than an hour, in the expert hands of your beauty therapist, in the midst of essential oil scents, you will regain a feeling of well-being and serenity.

Sugars and kiwi, natural particles, enable regenerative skin exfoliation. The skin is gently freed of dead skin, allowing it to breath. The skin is thus clear, soft and comfortable, its texture is refined.

Energising and invigorating oil energises the skin and awakens the senses thanks to its essential oil cocktail of lemon, orange and grapefruit. It drains and eliminates toxins. Your skin is hydrated and serene.

Your skin is smooth like never before. You feel calm and relaxed.

A treatment, which genuinely regenerates body and mind.

This treatment combines a SUGAR-KIWI SCRUB with ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE 

Sugar-kiwi SCRUB

Your skin is ideally prepared by this extraordinary exfoliator, containing sugars and kiwi. Your skin is freed of dead cells and gets the full benefit of the active treatment ingredients.  This very gentle scrub leaves the skin feeling surprisingly silky.

ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE with energising and invigorating oil 

Soothing and energising, this massage uses essential oils. The anti-stress massage immediately brings about a feeling of well-being and serenity.


- Sugar-kiwi scrub: 35 minutes of treatment
- Anti-stress massage: 50 minutes of treatment
- Sugar-kiwi scrub and anti-stress massage: 60 minutes of treatment

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