Aromatic Body Minceur

A 100% manual slimming treatment
100%-natural active ingredients

Slim through your beauty therapist's manual techniques in conjunction with the effectiveness of plant essences.

Detoxifying anti-cellulite oil stimulates the breakdown of fat thanks to its unique formula, containing cypress essential oils, lipokinases and green tea extract. Its draining action provides a feeling of lightness and well-being.

Clay is an organic mineral rich in trace elements and minerals. Thanks to its stimulating, remineralising and toning properties, it energises the skin.


The manual massage and essential oil scent relax. The beauty therapist will offer to measure your thigh and waist allowing you to visibly see the extraordinary slimming results achieved after the first session.  

The treatment is most effective on the legs and waist, but also achieves results on areas such as the knees, calves, ankles and arms.



The combination of your beauty therapist's expert techniques and the in-depth action of slimming treatment products allow for effective results.

The exfoliation phase enables dead cells to be removed from the surface of the skin, while active treatment ingredients are penetrated.

Anti-cellulite massage is suitable for every area of the body, it employs the beneficial effects of detoxifying anti-cellulite oil to tackle excess fatty deposits and to dissolve cellulite wherever it is located.        

The anti-water retention Saunamask completes the treatment by drawing out the excess water which swells cellulite. This sauna effect has a reshaping and water-withdrawing action which helps to slim the figure. Additionally, its physical action has an immediate lifting effect.



To improve and prolong the effectiveness of Aromatic Corps Minceur the treatment should be accompanied by a healthy diet and regular physical exercise.                        

Your beauty therapist will recommend a Aromatic Corps Minceur treatment course of three sessions a week.


60 minutes of treatment

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