Technispa "Double Slimming" Treatment

For fast, effective slimming

To slim quickly and maintain your desired figure.

After 45 minutes of treatment, the results are visible and can be measured using a tape measure.

Caffeine acts on the reduction of stored fat and slows down the accumulation of new fat.

Red vine and horse chestnut extracts facilitate drainage.

Your beauty therapist shall take your measurements around the thighs and the waist, which will enable you, session after session - and even after the first session - to note extraordinary slimming results.


Additionally, dimples are erased, the skin is smoothed and the body more toned.

Simultaneous triple slimming action for visible and intensified anti-cellulite effectiveness.

1. Double lipo-dermo-aspiration: This patented process enables two slimming actions to be carried out at once. When the sculptor moves along the body skin is sucked in creating two cutaneous folds. Fat accumulations are thus broken down, dispersed and smoothed.

2. Ionisation: The slimming serum gel is applied to the areas being treated. It contains anti-cellulite and draining active ingredients, which penetrate to the core of cellulite.

3. Muscle stimulation: Makes subcutaneous muscles work, to facilitate the elimination of fat.

To improve and prolong the effectiveness of the Technispa Double Slimming treatment, the beauty therapist will give you a guide with tips and hints.

Several treatment packages are available depending on the results you want to obtain:

(Based on 3 treatment sessions per week)

QUICK Slimming: 1 week

INTENSIVE Slimming: 2 weeks

IN-DEPTH Slimming: 3 weeks

CONSOLIDATED Slimming: 4 weeks

45 minutes of treatment

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