Technispa Soothing Legs Treatment

For relaxed and soothed legs

In less than an hour, you are relieved of the feeling of heavy legs, regaining the comfort and well-being of lighter and slimmer legs.

Esculoside and red vine extract have powerful vein toning and draining actions.

Menthol, essential mint oil and camphor enable the skin to be refreshed and to reduce feelings of discomfort.

From the first session, the effectiveness is remarkable: legs are reshaped, less tired and light. 

After a treatment, blood microcirculation increases 255%*.

*Source: a clinical study carried out by Laser Döppler.


After having prepared the skin, the beauty therapist applies "Jambes Légères" serum. 

Then, she uses the sculptor on the arch of the foot and along the legs.

Three actions are carried out in a single movement:

1. Lipo-Dermo-Aspiration physically breaks down excess fatty tissue. Aspiration causes a huge influx of oxygen, which increases exchanges between cells because of a rise in microcirculation.

2. Ionisation: the Jambes Légères serum is applied to the areas being treated. It contains active draining ingredients, which penetrate all the way into the skin.

 3. Stimulation makes sub-cutaneous muscles work in order to increase the firmness of tissue and to reshape the contour of the legs. The muscle stimulation acts on three levels:                          

- It intensifies microcirculation, thus draining    

- It reshapes

- It firms the tissue 

When legs feel heavy lightly massage them in circular movements with Gel Jambes Légères, starting at the feet and moving up to the thighs.

Have Technispa Soothing Leg treatment three times a week, for better effectiveness.


30 minutes of treatment

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