Hydradermie Soothing Treatment

For more serene and beautiful skin

One hour treatment to regain serenity.  Redness fades, the complexion is unified and the skin is reinforced for better protection against the harmful effects of the environment. The effectiveness of the treatment allows for comfortable make-up removal.

The powerful effectiveness of arnica, which is known for its soothing and regenerating properties on the skin.

The epidermis is reinforced by the action of phytoprotectol plant extracts.

The soothing action is completed by the effect of sepicalm.


After the first treatment the complexion is even. The skin feels "serene" and comfortable. In the days that follow, the skin will be less sensitive and will be able to better defend itself against aggressions from external elements (wind, cold, heat, etc.).

In-depth gentle biological cleansing which allows the skin to breathe, whilst not being affected by pollution and dust in the atmosphere.

The double effectiveness of the active treatment ingredients, which are diffused in the skin using the exclusive "double ionisation" method


So that your face can regain its serenity more quickly, your beauty therapist will recommend having one treatment a week for 3 weeks. Between 2 treatments, she will suggest that you use a protecting and soothing cream, which is compatible with your skin's condition, for better protection day and night. She will then recommend that you have a Hydradermie treatment each month, especially before exposing your skin to the sun.

50 minutes of treatment

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