Beauté Neuve

Brings radiance back and lightens brown spots

Turn over a new leaf in less than an hour... Beauté Neuve is a treatment which removes the dead cells responsible for dull complexions and reduces the appearance of pigmentation.

A complex of fruit acids, to gently peel away dead skin cells.

Vitamin C lightens the colour of pigmented skin. 


29.03% less melanin* after four treatment sessions

* Results clinically proven by measuring melanin levels 

The results are visible. The complexion is lighter and pigmentation has faded.     


PEEL In gel and PEEL Out foam: this exclusive exfoliation method enables dead cells to be gently removed, lightening the colour of the complexion and restoring the radiance of new skin.

The Sérum Régénérant Dermanove enables the creation of new skin, skin which is smoother and more luminous after peeling.

The Mask brings back the skin's radiance while providing a lightening effect, in particular for pigmentation.


After the treatment, you should avoid exposing the skin to the sun. It is thus recommended as a winter treatment or otherwise that the skin be protected by high factor sun protection. 

Have the Beauté Neuve treatment on a treatment-by-treatment basis for radiance and to regain luminous skin.

Or have an initial course of three Beauté Neuve treatments and obtain a maintenance treatment every four weeks, for a colour-lightening and anti-pigmentation action.


55 minutes

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