Hydradermie Anti-Wrinkles Treatment

More Beautiful and Younger-Looking Skin

In just under an hour of treatment, your face looks several years younger. Your skin is smoother, your wrinkles have faded and your skin has regained firmness. The effects can be seen after the first treatment.

The Sérum Gel Anti-Rides contains cell living environments (includes vitamins, amino acids and trace elements), which regenerate the skin.

Biopeptides help reinforce elastic tissue and trace elements, to revive vital functions.


Wrinkles on the eye contour have visibly faded. Your face shines with new radiance and the tired look on your face has been relaxed.

Proven results: 49.5%* decreased wrinkle depth

*Clinically proven results


In-depth biological cleansing which allows the skin to breathe and to be more receptive to beauty products.

The double effectiveness of the active treatment ingredients are diffused in the skin using the exclusive "double ionisation" method


To obtain face-rejuvenating beauty results more quickly, your beauty therapist will recommend one Hydradermie treatment a week for three weeks. Then, she will recommend products suitable for your skin and in line with your youth goals, to prolong the benefits of the treatment. She will suggest having one maintenance treatment per month, especially before exposing your skin to the sun.

50 minutes of treatment

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